Singhania University

Dear One and All, Greetings for the day!!

It gives me immense pleasure and pride to welcome you to Singhania University, a highly progressive and enterprising pledged to provide student’s centric,Skill-based education ready to foster enlightened leadership in every sphere and a sense of entepreneurship among it’s enthusiastic scholars. Education System in India is going through rapid changes.The basic objective of Education is not only to enhance knowledge but also to prepare scholars for job-ready education which is the need of hour. Education should not merely equip an individual to adjust with society to its customs and conventions, but it should enable him to bring desirable changes in the society. It has been, therefore, suggested that, “Every educational institution from secondary school to university. Colleges should be developed to become an agency of change….” However, it is essential that we should be quite clear about the purpose of change. It is, therefore, natural to ask the, question, “Reform and change to achieve what”? What type of society we aim at and what type of citizens we wish to produce? The aforesaid ideas give an indication of the kind of changes education is expected to bring about. There are many different ways of learning; teaching is only one of them. We learn a great deal on our own, in independent study or play. We learn a great deal interacting with others informally — sharing what we are learning with others and vice versa. We learn a great deal by doing, through trial and error. Long before there were schools as we know them, there was apprenticeship — learning how to do something by trying it under the guidance of one who knows how. For example, one can learn more architecture by having to design and build one’s own house than by taking any number of courses on the subject.

When physicians are asked whether they leaned more in classes or during their internship, without exception they answer, “Internship.” University is of the firm opinion that a sound moral, cultural and physical training is as important as academic and scholastic instruction in preparing students for their roles in life. Hence much, importance is attributed to games, sports and physical education to keep the students mentally alert and to cope with the time.

Love for country and respect for its traditional values is carefully cultivated in every pupil so that he/she can be sincere and committed citizen for “Better Tomorrow” of the country.